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Thank you for your interest in booking our facility for your own retreat! Follow the steps below to begin.



Need to look at your options before submitting the Request Retreat Form?  Use the links below to view our Lodging Options, Meeting Options, Dining Options, Activity Options and Rental FAQ Sheet.

This section can also be a wonderful resource if you have already booked a retreat but are doing more planning as your arrival date nears.

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Already know what you want your retreat to look like?  Fill out the Retreat Request Form below to supply vital information to our Retreat Directors. This form is REQUIRED unless you are booking your exact same event as the prior year.

Need to research more before completing the form? Scroll up to the RESEARCH section of this page if you need to read more about Lodging, Meeting Spaces, Dining, and Activities.




After submitting your Retreat Request Form, wait to hear from one of our Retreat Directors. They will gather information on availability, pricing, and other options for you, and then they will reach out by phone or email. 

Remember as you're navigating the Rental Group process that all planning for your retreat should flow between one Group Leader and one Retreat Director.

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If your Group Leader and a Retreat Director reach an agreement on dates, prices, and other details, Hidden Acres will mail you a Group Contract.  Read the terms carefully, complete any missing information, sign it, and return it to us with your required deposit. You are "penciled in" until you return your signed contract and deposit, after which your reservation is confirmed.



A Retreat Director may reach out to you in the months preceeding your retreat date.  Please also reach out to them about any changes or needs that arise, and update them if your registration numbers increase or decrease significantly. Two weeks out from your retreat, your Retreat Director must have final details so they can organize buildings, teams, and equipment.  Please call or email to confirm registration and meal numbers, activities, and equipment needs.  They will also need a copy of your schedule.

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You've made it! We're glad to have you. Camp is such a special place where folks can truly relax, get out of their normal rhythm, and really focus on hearing from God and worshipping Him. Upon arrival, we encourage the Group Leader to stop by the Welcome Center. We'd love to meet you and catch up, and we can answer initial questions and make sure you know how to reach our staff during your stay.

As your group members are planning for their visit, share with them the following packing suggestions: bedding, pillows, towels, toiletries, modest swimwear, modest clothing, and gym shoes. If you realize you've forgotten to pack something once you arrive, head to the Welcome Center or find a staff person and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.



During your stay, Hidden Acres asks that you follow a few simple rules. No alcohol is allowed on the grounds, and smoking is only allowed outside, away from building entries. Pets are allowed on the grounds but not in any buildings or cabins, even if you are walking them or holding them. Remember to pick up after your pets, and keep them outside on a leash or in a kennel at all times. Finally, remember to be respectful to other groups sharing the camp. All-camp quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. All guests should be back in their lodging buildings by midnight, but an official "lights out" and in-bed time is up to Group Leaders.

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You don't need to check out with our staff, but we do ask you to do a few things before you depart. First, make sure all lodging and meeting spaces are picked up (all garbage in trash cans, no glaring messes, etc.). Refrain from placing any full bags of garbage outside. Have leaders go through each area and bedroom after guests have packed up and look for items left behind. If your group caused any damage, please report it to your Retreat Director. Drive safe on your way home!

Your group will receive a final bill from Hidden Acres after your departure. This bill will be based upon the attendance numbers, equipment & activity requests, and meal needs expressed to us before your arrival. It may also include additional fees if any property was damaged. One lump sum payment is due within a week of receiving your bill. If you're interested in booking this same event for the following year, discuss with your Retreat Director how that process works and when you can re-book.

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