Carpetball is a cherished Hidden Acres tradition.

22 Carpetball Tables for 2022


We need new carpetball tables, and you can help! Carpetball is a cherished Hidden Acres tradition, but many of our tables need to be replaced or refurbished. Our goal is to have 22 new tables in 2022, and this is where you come in.

To help us reach our goal, you can either build a table for us, or donate to cover the cost for us to build one ourselves. Here’s what that looks like:

1) If you build a table for us, we’ve developed a standard table design to keep our tables consistent. Here’s a link to the pdf with all the supplies, instructions, and pictures you’ll need to build us a quality table in just a few hours. You can even build one for yourself!


If you don’t have a way to transport the finished table (it’ll be a little over 16’ long), we may be able to pick it up.


2) If you’d like to help offset the materials and labor cost for us to build a new table ourselves, you can donate any amount, but the suggested donation for a finished table is $300.

Make checks payable to "Hidden Acres Christian Center" and write "Carpetball" in the memo blank.

Mail to: 3837 Union Ave, Dayton, IA 50530

If you’re not sure what carpetball is, here is a link to our official rules for the game: