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Below is a summary of dining options available to rental groups. These prices and rescrictions apply only to rental groups and may differ for other events.

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Most groups choose to have Hidden Acres serve them meals in the Dining Hall throughout their stay. We require at least 25 people per meal to open the Dining Hall, so if you're the only group needing a meal you must have 25 people eating.

For ages 12 and up, each meal is $9 per person. For ages 3-11, each meal is $6. Children ages 0-2 eat free. 

Hidden Acres has standard meal times as follows:

Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:30am, lunch from 12:00-12:30pm, and supper from 5:30-6:00pm (except Friday supper, which is served from 6:00-6:30pm). Hidden Acres reserves the right to adjust these times as needed, and your Group Leader will be informed of changes no later than four days prior to arrival.

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All meals served by Hidden Acres are served buffet-style in the Dining Hall. This 1,000-seat facility can accommodate multiple groups at one time, and Hidden Acres will choose a delicious menu for each meal. At meal time, your group will go through the buffet line and sit in your assigned dining room. The Dining Hall has five different dining rooms which are assigned based on your group size. Drink options vary per meal but can include water, milk, soda, coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and juice.

After your group is finished eating, you're welcome to remain in your dining room longer if needed. We only ask that each group clean their tables and leave the room as they found it. A dish return window is located near the kitchen, and buckets of cleaner and washcloths are placed in each dining room prior to each meal.

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Regardless of whether you eat with us in the Dining Hall, you can always add snacks to your schedule and bill. The prices for ages 3+ are as follows: Ice Cream Sundaes, $3.50 per person; S'mores, $2.50 per person; Cinnamon Rolls & Hot Cocoa, $2.50 per person, Root Beer Floats, $2.50 per person; Popcorn & Drink, $1.50 per person. Medium pizzas (12") are $10 each and are cut into eight small slices. Most guests eat 3-4 slices of pizza at a meal.

You are always welcome to bring your own supplies and serve your own snack, too.

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If you have a food allergy that requires a substitution for health reasons, please fill out the form below. We need to have an accurate list of food allergies two weeks out from your arrival. We can't always accommodate every food allergy, but we will try our best and will reply to you through your Group Leader if we cannot accommodate something.




You are always welcome to cook meals on your own, or you can create a schedule for your group that includes some meals on your own and some meals with us in the Dining Hall. Regardless of your choice, your Retreat Director must know your details two weeks out from your retreat.


Groups that need a space to cook for themselves will be assigned a lodging space or meeting space that also contains a small cooking facility. Using one of these kitchenettes does not add a fee to your bill. All kitchenettes and their nearby seating areas are designed to accommodate groups of 25-30 people. 


Each kitchenette offers a sink, refrigerator, freezer, stove, and microwave, but no dishwasher. Basic small appliances, serving utensils, and cookware are stocked in the cupboards and drawers, and you can click here to view a list of standard supplies provided.


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If your group is larger than 30 people, you may be able to rent the larger kitchen located in the Main Lodge. However, it is first available to whichever group has rented the rest of the meeting and lodging space in the building. If you are staying in another area and no other group is using the Main Lodge, you may rent this kitchen for an added fee.

The current camp kitchen facility in the Dining Hall is not available for groups to use or rent. State laws restrict us from allowing guests to use or even enter any part of the kitchen. Only trained staff and volunteers can access these areas.

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