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Use your time and talents to help Hidden Acres!



Work campers are typically retired couples who bring their RV to Hidden Acres and stay for a season.  We've had work campers volunteer in areas like construction, maintenance, office, and grounds.

If you're interested in learning more about our Work Camper program, please contact our Hospitality Director, Mandy Stenberg.

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If you want to volunteer by teaching one of our many sports camps (basketball, volleyball, cross country, etc.), email Taylor Mugge.

If you are nurse, doctor, EMT, paramedic, or other health professional and can volunteer for a week of camp, email Judy Swanson.  Click the link below to learn more about what volunteering in the Nurses' Station may look like.



Once each spring, usually on a Saturday in April or May, Hidden Acres hosts Volunteer Day.  This is a great opportunity for friends of the camp to help us get ready for a busy summer season.  Past projects have included improving fire pit areas, cleaning out flower beds, and cleaning cabins.  We'll post a link below when the next Volunteer Day is scheduled.  For now, direct any questions to Mandy Stenberg.

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Sometimes Hidden Ares uses volunteers to staff our Dining Hall facility.  These volunteers would go through training in order to serve as a dish washer or cook.  Volunteer hours would most likely be available on our busier retreat weekends.

To inquire about this type of service and possibly add your name to our Dining Hall volunteer list, email our Hospitality Director, Mandy Stenberg. Becoming a volunteer includes an application, background check, and training.



Interested in bringing in a group of people to help us with a project?  We can often use skilled volunteers to help with construction projects.  We can also use skilled and non-skilled volunteers to help with grounds projects.  Use the button below to inquire about bringing a volunteer group to help with construction or grounds.

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