Partner with us as we pray for a few things each quarter.


Please consider praying for the following:


That we could hire enough summer staff for next summer. We’re currently accepting summer staff applications and need more staff than ever before. With the increase in camper attendance and the addition of our Day Camps program, we hope increase from 162 to 200 summer staff in 2022. Pray that God would provide the right ones; we won’t compromise on our standards and beliefs to reach this goal. We’re hoping for 300-400 applications so we can pick the best 200 and form another amazing summer staff team.


That we could wrap up current projects and move on to new things. We need to install new windows in the Main Lodge. We also need to finish the basement, utilities, and general remodeling on the new farmhouse moved in from Dayton. We hope to finish this by the end of the year and give our students a better residence.


That our full time staff can find rest in the busyness of life and work. There’s a lot that goes on at a camp, but our staff needs to rest well if they’re going to pour into and serve other people every week. Pray they put their relationship with Christ and their families first.

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Is there anything you need prayer for?  We'd love to help!  Feel free to email us your prayer requests and we'll pass them along to our staff.  Our staff meets every Wednesday morning for Bible study and would be happy to lift you up in prayer. Just as you're supporting us with prayer, we want to support you as well!