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Partner with us as we pray for a few things each quarter.


Please consider praying:

That we have some good weather this winter and spring! We need melted snow and drier, warmer days in order to pour concrete foundations for cabins and work on a few other outdoor projects before our busy season begins.
That our spring recruiting trips for summer staff would be fruitful. We still need more applicants in order to staff our summer camp program well. If you know a high school or college student who would be a good fit, encourage them to apply!


That we can find more part-time or full-time housekeepers tojoin our staff. Pray that God will send the right people our way.
That our full-time staff would remain unified. We are blessed with unity among our full-time staff, so pray that continues as we grow and press on in ministry together.

That a few skilled volunteers will help on upcoming projects. Again, we have a busy spring with a long project list, so extra hands with construction and remodeling jobs would be very helpful!
That our leadership team continues to seek God’s direction as we rewrite our mission statement and vision statement for the first time in many years. It’s exciting to write statements that will direct Hidden Acres for year to come. Our plan is to create something shorter that’s easy to memorize and share.

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Is there anything you need prayer for?  We'd love to help!  Feel free to email us your prayer requests and we'll pass them along to our staff.  Our staff meets every Wednesday morning for Bible study and would be happy to lift you up in prayer. Just as you're supporting us with prayer, we want to support you as well! 


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