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Partner with us as we pray for a few things each quarter.


Please consider praying:

That our newest fundraising campaign would be fruitful. We have prayed about the need for more large-group meeting space at Hidden Acres and are feeling led to build a structure called an airnasium. This is essentially a large covered shelter that will be built over our existing outdoor basketball court. It will have large garage-style doors that can be opened or closed as needed, making it usable all year long for gym games or chapel sessions. We just announced this project and will provide more details throughout the summer and fall. The entire project will cost $850,000, and Hidden Acres has already set $300,000 aside to start this project, so our fundraising need is $550,000.

That we will finish our summer camp season well and make a smooth transition to our busy summer retreat season. This next portion of our year has us serving weeklong youth retreats, children’s summer camps, and families from other churches and denominations who rent out a portion of our camp for their event. During this busy time, please also be praying for endurance and wisdom for our full time staff. We will have guests every day until late August, then groups every weekend until Christmas, so pray that we serve well and glorify God in all we do.

That we could find and purchase a track skid loader and a mini excavator for a good price. We will need these pieces of equipment on several upcoming projects. We have been looking for a while now so keep praying that God would bring around the right person or company to help us with this need!

That a few skilled volunteers will come our way. We are keeping busy this summer and fall and still need outside help to get through our long project list. Extra hands on these projects would be appreciated!

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No Hoop - Open - Final.jpg
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Is there anything you need prayer for?  We'd love to help!  Feel free to email us your prayer requests and we'll pass them along to our staff.  Our staff meets every Wednesday morning for Bible study and would be happy to lift you up in prayer. Just as you're supporting us with prayer, we want to support you as well! 


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