Be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Join our team as a counselor, as a support staff, or as an intern.




If you're at least entering your junior year of high school next fall, consider serving as a counselor this summer! Spend your days teaching your campers about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. Cabins typically include 2-3 counselors who work together to befriend campers and lead them in devotions and activities. Other special types of counseling positions, like quad leaders and program-specific counselors, are described in detail in the applications below.

Maybe you would prefer to serve on our support staff! Students who are at least 15 years old can work in the horse barn, on maintenance, or in the kitchen area. If you're looking for more responsibility, consider taking up a "specialist" position where you could oversee a specific program area like the nature center, videography, or the craft room.

Questions? Contact Eric Smith.

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Summer internships are 12-week paid programs for mature individuals that include an opportunity for college credit. Internships will include more responsibility, leadership experience, and targeted projects designed to spur personal and professional development.

Available internships cover a multitude of program areas, like counseling staff or support staff leadership, high school ministry, food service, and barn maintenance.


Questions? Contact Eric Smith.