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Thank you for your interest in our summer camp program! We understand that you have a lot of choices to make about your children's summer break. Can Hidden Acres be a part of that plan? We truly believe that summer camp is a special place that every child should enjoy. During their stay at Hidden Acres, your children will make friends, enjoy fun activities, and learn more about Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross.

Need to choose a type of camp or see dates and prices? Click the button below to view our full lineup.  If you need more information on a specific type of camp and what it covers, see the section below, "Types of Camps."

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At Hidden Acres, we don't offer just one type of camp. For Summer Camp 2023, we're actually planning 22 different programs! What does that mean for your campers?

It means you can choose our most basic summer camp, which we call Residential Camp, or (starting with 4th grade students) you can pick a camp with a specialized focus. All of our programs always include chapel sessions, cabin devotions, free time, and fun games, but these "Specialty Camps" allow your camper to enjoy a specific area for 2-3 hours each day. Maybe that's horses, airsoft, fishing, cooking, or theater. We've got those options and more waiting for your children this summer! To read a description of each camp, follow the link below to view our Summer Camp Booklet.



Do you already have dates and types of camps chosen for each of your children? Awesome! Many camps start to fill in January and February each year, so it's good to register early. Additionally, if we receive your campers' registrations on or before March 31st, you'll get an automatic $20 discount per camper.

Follow the links below to sign up.  You have two choices: you can register online or register using a printed form. Both methods require a $95 deposit per camper.  If you have any questions about registration, please email our Summer Camp Team.


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Parents, we've created two documents to answer even more of your summer camp questions.  These can be helpful as you're making decisions about summer camp and as you prepare for your child's approaching week at Hidden Acres.




Church leaders, thank you for promoting Hidden Acres' Summer Camp! Many of you receive a summer camp packet in the mail from us each winter, but please email Judy Swanson if you need to request a packet. You can also use the following links to download our summer camp brochure, description booklet, and poster.

You'll also see links on the right to help you with summer camp financial aid. If your church decides to provide assistance to campers, please read the "Church Aid Info" document to learn about the three ways you can scholarship your campers. If you choose option 2, the "Church Scholarship Worksheet," you'll find that link to the right, too.

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