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What's our camper pick-up system? On the last day of camp, campers will be picked up from their cabin. In general, pick-up is between 1:00 & 3:00pm and pick-up times are based on age. Use the link below to view our "Important Info" document, which outlines this pick-up schedule in more detail. At the cabin there will be a short time for cabin awards where each camper is highlighted by their counselors. Pack up the car and head to the Family Life Center (FLC) to visit our snack shop and gift shop one more time before departing. We'll be at the camp exit providing delicious Hidden Acres cookies free of charge directly to your car. Don't forget to pull over on your way out of camp!


If you need to pick up your camper early, please let us know.  If you haven't told us in advance, call the office at least two days prior to pick up.  We'll send notes out to your camper and his or her counselors so that you can meet at the Welcome Center - all luggage packed and ready - at your pick up time.


Click below for our Important Info document with our detailed pick up schedule.

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Campers LOVE getting mail!  You can send them a note in three different ways: mail drop off, the postal service, or Bunk1 emails.  Each of these is explained in detail in the "Sending Camper Mail" document below.  Choose the method that is best for your family.

We want campers to be invested in their week at camp, bonding with their cabin, so cell phones are not allowed.  If there is a family emergency during the week and you need to reach your camper immediately, you can call the office and we will have the camper call you back.  Also, our camper mail station is limited in size, so no packages or large envelopes are allowed - just letters and emails.





Keep up with what your kids are doing at camp! Our photographer takes hundreds of photos each day and posts them two different places - Facebook and Bunk1.  Use the links below to visit these sites.  If you need to learn more about Bunk1 and how to sign up for the first time, click the "Bunk1 Info Letter" button above.


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For each week of summer camp, Hidden Acres records and creates highlight videos for you to enjoy.  Each week of camp will have one or two highlight videos prepared and published by our Video Specialist. You can view them on Youtube or Facebook.  



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