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Swimming, boating, fishing, and relaxing down by the waterfront.

Parents and leaders, please accompany your children and ensure that everyone is using life vests when blobbing, boating, or in deeper water. 



Lechler Lake is the perfect getaway spot for family and friends. A shallow, roped-off area slopes to about five feet deep, making it a perfect swimming area. Lounge chairs on the beach and benches in the shelter house are a great spot for non-swimmers. Several docks are good for fishing, but you'll need to bring your own equipment. Tied to the docks are several canoes and paddle boats. From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can also try out the rope swing or the Blob, a giant, 35' long air pillow that floats in the lake. Jumping onto the Blob from a platform launches a person on the other end into the air.

In July 2020 we opened our 410-foot commercial waterslide. Starting at the top of the lake hill, riders will use inner tubes to travel through twists and turns, eventually landing in the shallow swimming area of Lechler Lake.

Water Slide Cost: $75/hr

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On the complete opposite side of our grounds, near the Schlichting Inn and Dining Hall, you'll find Jesse's Pond. Because this is a geothermal pond with piping at the bottom, swimming is not allowed.  You will, however, find more boating opportunities and even better fishing than Lechler Lake.  The nearby Waylon's Gazebo is a perfect shaded area with seating for 6-8 people.

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