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Camper Drop-off: Sunday 3-5pm
Camper Pick-up: Fridays 1-3pm (Week 4 Pick-up: Wednesday 1-3pm)



Don't stress about packing for your child's week at camp. Hidden Acres has been hosting a summer camp program for almost 40 years and we've developed a packing list for you that covers what your child should bring (and what they shouldn't bring) to camp with them. Click the link below to view or print our sample packing list.


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Many parents choose to send their children to summer camp with extra spending money. At Hidden Acres, campers can use spending money at the snack shop, the gift shop, or the craft room. For a full week of camp most parents send $30 per camper, but you are free to send whatever amount you deem appropriate for your child. Check out the "Sample Price List" below to see what snacks, gifts, and crafts may cost at our summer camp. 

When giving your camper money for summer camp, you can send cash or create a Spending Account for each child. For more information on Spending Accounts, click the “Spending Options” button below




During summer camp Hidden Acres opens a Nurses' Station. Volunteer nurses and other health care professionals care for your camper in a number of ways. They distribute medications (no medications allowed in cabins), treat minor scrapes, and decide if your camper might require the assistance of a local clinic or hospital.


If you are sending your camper to Hidden Acres with medications, please read the Medication Info document below. You'll also want to print a copy of our "Medication Form." It's linked below and will also be emailed to you before your camp begins. You should have this form filled out to hand to the nurses during drive-thru check-in along with your camper's medications.


Please email our Summer Camp Team with any questions. 


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Each day campers and counselors have free time as a cabin during the afternoon hours. Are you wondering what your camper might enjoy? Does anything cost extra? Is your camper old enough for an activity? These are great questions! Click below to learn more about free time activities at Hidden Acres' Summer Camp.  





For each week and age group of summer camp we hire a speaker for chapel time.  These speakers are awesome at delivering Bible truths and the gospel message tailored to your camper's grade level. If you'd like to read more about a specific speaker, click the links below.

Some camps with older campers, like the Timothy Teams (T3) and Assistant Wrangler (AW) may have their own seperate speaker and worship.



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