Wonderfully Made Family Camp, Donations

Wonderfully Made Family Camp is our newest Family Camp, designed to provide a weekend away for families with a child with special needs. We know that spending time together as a family is invaluable, and we understand that vacationing can be difficult when a family member has special needs. On top of normal concerns, special needs families have added financial burdens, medical needs, and accessibility worries.

Considering the above challenges, we’ve come up with a goal for this Family Camp. We want to meet the financial need for every family who signs up for Wonderfully Made so that the retreat costs don’t add to their list of concerns and financial burdens. Will you help is meet this goal?

We will create a safe and fun event for these special needs families where they can relax and enjoy extra time together on a family retreat. At Wonderfully Made, families will experience horse rides, a rock climbing tower, a zip line, a giant swing, canoeing, craft time, fishing, games, workshops, great speakers, and worship time. Each family will be assigned a personal family volunteer to help them as needed throughout the weekend, and special medical staff will be available, too. We aim to provide a fun, Bible-based retreat where these families can relax and bond!

To read more about how you may help a family attend Wonderfully Made Family Camp, click on the brochure below. Any questions can be directed to event coordinator Naomi Norris (click here to email) or Hidden Acres’ Administrative Assistant, Rachelle Heisterkamp click here to email.

Dates: May 30 - June 2, 2019

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Want to donate financially? Click here to donate online or view the brochure above to donate by check.

Interested in serving as a volunteer during Wonderfully Made Family Camp? Apply online here or visit https://wonderfullymadecamp.org/ for more information.

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