climbing towerAdventure Activities at Bert's Tower
Climbing Tower, Zip Line, & Giant Swing

The climbing tower, zip line, and giant swing will test your strength and courage during your visit to Hidden Acres!

towerThe cost is $7 per person each for the climbing tower and zip line and $5 per person for the giant swing. If preferred, each apparatus may be rented for an hourly rate of $95 each.

When paying per person, there is a minimum of 15 participants for both the climbing tower and zip line and a minimum of 20 participants for the giant swing.

zip lineTypically (although this varies) in an hour, 15 people can use the zip line, 25 people can use the climbing tower, and 35 people can use the giant swing.

If time allows it, participants may repeat their activity a second time once all other group members are finished. However, please remember that there is a separate charge for each activity.

swingIn order to participate in all activities, participants must be large enough to fit securely in to a harness, which is typically approximately 50 lbs. The maximum weight for the climbing tower is 300 lbs and for the zip line is 250 lbs. There is no maximum weight for the giant swing.



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