Shooting Camp (7th-12th Grade, boys only)

Shooting Camp is an action-filled week where boys can learn how to properly and safely handle and shoot firearms. Campers will enjoy a multitude of arms, including modern guns, historical guns, and bows. During the week they will participate in shooting contests to test the skills they learn.

At Shooting Camp, these boys will be under the best supervisors. Mike Mittan, a Special Agent with the Omaha Division of Narcotics, teaches students about modern weapons. He’ll bring 9mm pistols, an AR-15, and a variety of .22 caliber handguns and rifles for the boys to try. Our second expert is Jerry “Badger” Fastenow of Spirit Lake, Iowa. He is a gun collector, buck skinner, and Civil War reenactor who will teach kids about the history of guns while showing them how to handle old handguns and rifles, including some black-powder arms!

Please note that 6th grade is no longer considered Jr High, and therefore, is not eligible for this camp.

Please bring eye and ear protection (provided if needed)

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