Just You & Me, Mom!

Moms, how many of you dream of days when you can spend time with your kids making all those crafts you see online? Do you long for a day when someone else will cook for you while you take a walk in the spring air, praying with your children? Wouldn’t you love to go on an adventure where you didn’t need to worry about planning or carpooling? Would you like some time to relax and refresh? Moms need to make memories, too!

If this kind of day sounds fun, we have just the thing for you! Grab your kids and join us for a overnight getaway called “Just You & Me, Mom!” Experience horseback riding, climbing, zip lining, and more!

Just You & Me, Mom! Offers a one-night experience including one-on-one time with your children in the beautiful setting of Hidden Acres. Our desire for this event is to give your family a good mix of fun, adventure, Bible time, rest, and memory-building. Get registered today!

Date: April 26-27, 2019

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