High School Summer Camp (9th - 12th Grade)

High School Residential Camp is more action-packed than any other residential camp we offer. These activities are guaranteed to keep students active, excited, involved in their week of camp and challenged in their faith. As life changes rapidly in and after high school, our goal is to get students to focus on these changes and prepare for futures ones. Our chapel and seminar speakers will challenge these young adults in many amazing ways on a number of different topics. Multi-cabin peer groups called “Bro-Sis Groups” will meet during the week to unpack the messages they hear in these chapel sessions and educational seminars.

All activities are open to these oldest residential campers. On top of classic Hidden Acres fun like horse rides, swimming, and the climbing wall, they’ll experience some of our most treasured traditions: Conquest (an 8-team, themed capture the flag game covering all 660 acres), The Talent Show, and The Big Event (a grand dinner party). If this sounds like fun, sign up today!


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