Hidden Acres FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Retreats/Rentals


Q:  How do I make a reservation?
A:  Contact Michelle ([email protected] or 515.547.2751) to check availability. Once dates have been agreed upon, you will be penciled in and sent a contract. Your dates are guaranteed upon receipt of your signed contract and deposit.

Q:  Do you have wireless internet?
A:  Yes, it is available in the Welcome Center, Family Life Center, Schlichting Inn, Main Lodge, and Dave Martin Bible Chapel.

Q:  What do I need to bring?
A:  Bedding (sleeping bag or blankets & sheets), pillow, towel, wash cloth, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste), modest swimwear (no speedos for guys, no stomachs showing for girls), and gym shoes.
If you are staying in the Inn and make a request in advance, we can provide bedding and towels for a charge of $5 each. Toiletries are not provided.

Q:  What are your rules?
A:   1) No alcohol on the grounds.                    2) No smoking inside.
3) No pets in buildings (including cabins) whether they are walking or you are holding them.


Q:  What can we do for free?
A:  Family Life Center:The building contains a gym, 70’ x 30’ pool 3’ - 5’ deep, hot tub, game room with ping pong, pool, and foosball, lobby with a fireplace and big screen TV, large room for parties, and an outdoor firepit.

Shooting Range: You can borrow our BB guns and bows & arrows and shoot targets outdoors.

Blob: This 35’ long inflatable waterfront toy can be found in the lake. One person lays on the far end and another jumps off of a platform and lands on the near end of the blob, which launches the first person in to the air and out in to the lake! It is available Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Toboggan Run: A 60’ run out to the lake. We provide sleds. Available when the lake is frozen.

Q:  What extra activities do you offer?
A:  For an additional charge you can play a fun game of archery tag, scale the climbing wall, fly down the zip line, take a plunge on the giant swing, or ride a horse.
These activities must be scheduled 7 days in advance and are available to registered groups only (not available to the public).

Horseback Rides: An hour long ride on trails in our timber costs $15. Participants must be at least 10 years old. Minimum 10 per ride, maximum 14.

Lead Me Rides: Kids (under age 10) are led on a horse by a parent around the arena. Cost is $4.

Climbing Wall & Zip Line: The charge is $7 per person OR $95 per hour for each. If there is time, the participants may go up the wall or down the zip line twice, but there is a separate charge for each activity. Must be big enough to fit securely in to harness, typically age 8.

Giant Swing: The charge is $5 per person OR $95 per hour . If there is time, the participants may swing more than once. Must be big enough to fit securely in to harness, typically age 8.

Archery Tag: The charge is $50 per hour. Maximum of 14 people can play at one time. Typically games take about 15 minutes.

Family Life Center

Q:  Is the use of the Family Life Center included in the cost of lodging?
A:  Yes. If you are spending the night with us, you are welcome to use the Family Life Center. If you have guests that will be visiting during the day and not staying overnight, there is a $10 day fee.

Q:  Can we reserve part of the Family Life Center during our stay?
A:  The Family Life Center is a common area for all guests to share. We will post your schedule for other groups to see, but you are not guaranteed exclusive use of any particular area. Your meeting room is the space reserved solely for your use.


Q:  What time are meals?                                           
A:  Breakfast 8am, lunch 12pm, supper 5:30pm, brunch 9:30am. We can usually arrange different times in advance.

Q:  How much do meals cost?
A:  Breakfast $6.50, lunch $7.50, supper $8.50, brunch $8.50. Age 3-11 are $3 off; 2 and under are free.

Q:  Can we cook for ourselves?
A:  Yes. There are kitchens in the Inn Meeting Room, Welcome Center, Family Life Center Good Room (Hospitality Room), and Johnson Lodge. These kitchens have a sink, refrigerator and freezer, stove, and microwave. The kitchen in the Main Lodge can only be used if you have reserved the entire camp.

Q:  Can we provide some of our own meals and have some Hidden Acres meals?
A:  Yes. Anything is possible. We need to know a week in advance what meals you would like to have with us and how many people will be partaking.